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Who am I?  I’m a father, a son, a husband, a partner and a friend.  That’s what’s important.

Some days I have to stop and remember how fortunate I am. I live in a beautiful log house at the edge of the forest (actually, at the edge of a 3000 acre wilderness park) on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. I live with my amazing partner, Sandra, and our wonderful son Jesse lives in the house next door.

I’ve spent many years working to help make the world a better place. Whether it’s been paid employment or volunteer work I can truthfully say that I’ve always had the opportunity to do things that inspired me and that I enjoyed, and that mattered.  My work has always been in the public interest, and not for someone’s profit (including, a bit too often, mine), and that has always been important to me as well.  I’m passionate about what I do and I work hard to do it well.   It’s often said that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.  I can attest that that is completely wrong – if you’re doing something you love and care about, you are motivated to work even harder, because it’s (often) necessary and it’s (always) worth it.

I’ve been fortunate to have had a lot of variety in the work I’ve done, and it has always consumed most of my time.  But now I want to be more selective with how I spend my time.  I want to spend more time with my photography and with some writing.  And I am now working from home so I can spend more time with my family, and enjoy the awesome place we live.  And I’m working with some partners on a couple of new projects:  one intended to help social profit organizations and charities succeed in their work, and another continuing our conservation work and efforts to strengthen the National Trust movement in Canada and around the world.

And when I have some spare time, I’ll go birdwatching.




Ian is an experienced manager, researcher, community developer and communications specialist.  With over 40 years of experience, he has acquired expertise in a wide range of activities, including:

  • organizational development and planning
  • policy development and research
  • project development and implementation
  • communications and public relation
  • fundraising
  • staff and volunteer management
  • campaign development and management
  • administrative coordination.

Ian’s background is primarily in social-profit organizations, government and politics, and in local community development, where his focus has been to build social capital, while ensuring sustainability. He has also spent many years overseeing and developing cultural heritage programming and the protection of cultural heritage sites.


Previous employment:


Biological Sciences Technician:  field work, laboratory work and associated office in fisheries and forestry research at the Pacific Biological Station in Nanaimo and the Forest Research Centre in Victoria.  This included work on marine mammals (Killer Whale identification project and a Northern Fur Seal breeding and feeding project), crustaceans (prawn, shrimp and crab fisheries), and salmon enhancement projects.

Strategic and Policy Support for Elected Officials:  included work at the House of Commons assisting Members of Parliament with their Caucus and Riding responsibilities, and well as acting as Policy Advisor and Chief of Staff for Ministers in the Government of Ontario (Ministers of Transportation, Municipal Affairs and Industry, Trade and Technology).

Community Development:  included management of community centres in Toronto and Victoria, providing social services and recreational opportunities to local neighbourhoods.  Also included involvement in local government planning and community relations, and the coordination/facilitation of citizen involvement in the life of their communities.

Conservation and protection of our natural and cultural heritage:  management and coordination of a major charitable organization working to establish the National Trust movement in Canada.  Included campaign development, public relations and communications, educational programs and policy development related to the acquisition and ongoing protection of special places (sites of environmental, historical, cultural agricultural and/or scientific value).


Current Activities:


Change Canada Consultants (Principal and Director): a group of innovative and forward-looking professionals working to help generate progressive and positive change for conservation, community and social infrastructure in Canada.  By providing research, support and advisory services to charities and social-profit organizations, (as well as to business, governments, landowners and philanthropists where appropriate), we will help them gain greater success, achieve stronger outcomes and contribute to building a better world.  www.changecanadaconsultants.com

National Trust for Land and Culture (Director):  a registered Charity and social-profit organization working to engage the public in the conservation of Canada’s natural and cultural heritage through their education and direct involvement in the acquisition and/or ongoing protection of special places that are valued by our communities.   www.ntlcbc.ca

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