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“Photography is a means of absorbing and processing the worlds you see and experience…
and a means of sharing those experiences with others.”


20050105 - 017 - US West Coast Vac


Photography has always been a big part of my exploration of the world around me.  It’s caused me to look more closely, pay attention to the details, and take nothing for granted.

I enjoy the process of taking/making photographs, and the intimate connection it demands with the subject and with the environment.  I enjoy that sense of interaction, of give and take, of appreciation and creativity.

While it’s an intensely personal process, the end result is universal.  To appreciate a photograph requires no ability to read, no language in common, no prerequisite level of education or wealth or life experience.  Just an ability to see and to feel, and a willingness to participate.

Of course, the results are not always successful.  In fact, they are unsuccessful more often than not.  And that does work so well to keep one humble.  But when a photograph shines, when it portrays the connection with the subject that you’d envisioned, it’s a wonderful sense of accomplishment – transforming a moment into a lifetime.

I’ve concentrated on nature and landscape photography because…well…because that’s what I like.  I’m happy to share some of my images on these pages, and I hope you will like some of them too.







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