Throughout the years, I’ve found myself involved professionally and personally in a number of intriguing projects.  Some were deliberate steps, others I just stumbled upon.  Here are a few of my favourites.


Past Projects:


198001 - 001 - BogieEither through employment or volunteer work I’ve had the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of interesting and, at times, challenging activities.  I’ve been fortunate that all of my work has been in the public interest, never for someone’s profit, and that has made it all much more worthwhile.  Among these projects are:

Killer Whale Identification Project

Northern Fur Seal Captive Breeding Project

Nanaimo Community Associations Project

Unemployed Workers Co-operative Project

OPEN Project

Political Immersion Project

Graffiti Wall Project

Creating a National Trust for Canada Project


Current Projects:


20100220 - 020 - Sandcut BeachIn the past couple of years, and looking to the future, I’m being more selective with how I spend my time.  I want to ensure that I give myself the opportunity to do what I enjoy, and to catch up on things that have been set aside because I was too busy with my work.  That includes some personal projects and some writing, but it also includes some ongoing projects that I’m passionate about and that are (at least theoretically) intended to provide some income that will support my other activities.  This includes:

Creating a National Trust Project – Part Two

Social Profit Enterprise Project



Communications & Graphics Projects:


20071110 - 001 - Death Valley, NevadaThroughout all of my work over the years, I’ve always gravitated toward the communications and graphics components of the job.  Although I’ve attended numerous workshops on various aspects of communications, I’m mostly self-taught in this area – I just do what feels right and, for the most part, it’s worked.  From newsletters, correspondence and reports, to brochures, booklets and websites, from marketing strategies to political campaigns, I’ve had my hand in a wide range of public relations activities.  Here are a few recent samples.

TLC Newsletters

TLC Brochures and Reports