Roaming Around

Roaming Around


199310 - 014 - India


Images of the Taj Mahal are iconic.  Tour guides have marked off the various places for visitors to stand to get the “best” shots of the famed tomb and it s reflecting pools – which we dutifully took.  But as we were doing so, this fellow and his cattle-powered lawn mower came by to cut the grass, and added an entirely new dimension to the site.

I once heard it said that there are three kinds of tourists:  those who visit wonderful places, those who take photographs of the wonderful places they visit and those who take photographs of themselves standing in front of those wonderful places.  I’m of the middle variety. Travel is experiential, but it also provides a superb foundation for growth and understanding.  I want to build on that foundation, and the memories and experiences captured in photographs help to do that.

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”           ~ Henry Miller





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