Home Base

Home Base


20150114 - 017 - Sooke Hills


I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.               ~ Maya Angelou




I’ve had the opportunity to live in quite a few places that I’ve called home.  A variety of places, from a small town to a suburb to a metropolis, from industrial North England to rural Vancouver Island.  Places that I’ve shared with my family, places that I’ve shared with friends, and places where I’ve been alone.  Places that have helped shape my perspective and helped keep things in perspective.

It’s often said that “home is where the heart is”, and while I do believe that you carry your home with you, I also believe that we are most content when we have a tangible, physical place that lies at the centre of our day-to-day world.  A place that provides a starting point and an end point for our ventures.  A place to belong.

I currently live in Saseenos, a rural area of Sooke on Southern Vancouver Island, at the edge of the forest and within spitting distance of the shoreline.  This is now my home base.  Here are some images from around my home, and from around Sooke and lower Vancouver Island.






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